Goodness Gift exists to provide meaningful employment to individuals on the autism spectrum.


Goodness Gift is a socially conscious enterprise that creates and curates high-quality gifts by employing individuals with autism. 

Premium Products

Each product from Goodness Gift stands out for its quality and thoughtfulness, reflecting the exceptional skills and dedication of our autistic team members.

Art Centre

The Art Centre is a vibrant space where the artistic expressions of individuals with autism are nurtured, leading to the creation of distinctive and marketable artworks.

Fulfillment Centre

At our Fulfillment Centre, individuals with autism are integral to operations, thriving in roles that align with their skills and contribute to both their professional and personal development.

SAAAC Autism Centre

Founded on the specialized knowledge of the SAAAC Autism Centre, Goodness Gift excels in understanding and meeting the unique needs of its autistic team members.

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