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Goodness Gift is tackling unemployment in the autism community head on by fostering a nurturing and inclusive workplace, specifically tailored for adults on the spectrum. 


At Goodness Gift, we believe that every individual with autism possesses unique strengths and abilities that, when supported, can lead to remarkable achievements. 

We train and employ neurodiverse and autistic adults engaged in all aspects of the Goodness Gift team - from order processing to inventory management, the packaging and delivery of goods, to the creation of individual products.

The skills and confidence our employees earn helps them increase their independence, boost confidence and participation in the community.

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet all of the following criteria, we encourage you to apply for a position!

  • Must self-identify as being on the autism spectrum, neurodivergent or having a learning difference 
  • Educational or employment experience is a plus but not a requirement
  • Police reference check required
  • Willing to work in group environments 
  • Able to work 2-4 shifts, per week, with each shift ranging from 2 hours to 6 hours