Welcome to Goodness Gift. A socially conscious enterprise that creates and curates high-quality gifts by employing individuals on the autism spectrum.

goodness candle

Handcrafted by a talented artisan on the autism spectrum, from its concrete holder to 100% natural soy wax, this candle is more than a stylish light source. It's a little piece of our big dream at Goodness Gift.


+10,000 hrs of meaningful employment and counting

we believe in a world where every gift ignites change

Each purchase not only provides a high-quality and thoughtful product, but also directly contributes to employing individuals with autism — merging social impact with exceptional gifting.

Meet Goodness Gift Fulfillment Associate: Nathan Allen

Goodness Gift’s impact is evidenced in tangible outcomes, with numerous success stories of individuals with autism gaining skills, independence, and confidence through their employment.

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