Your New Favourite Chocolate Could Also be the Most Ethical

Your New Favourite Chocolate Could Also be the Most Ethical

 By: Luckshika Rajaratnam

At the Goodness Gift we are proud to work with vendors who not only create high quality products, but make a positive impact on their employees, their communities, and even on the planet. 

It's why we partnered with the incredible team at Soul Chocolate.

Soul Chocolate is a company committed to making delicious and naturally sourced chocolate. The company sources cocoa (the main ingredient in chocolate!) from around the globe and makes sure the companies that they buy from pay farmers well for their work. 

Kyle Wilson and Katie posing together

 The company was founded by Katie and Kyle after their exploration of Tanzania and Kenya. "We got our first taste of the fruit that is responsible for chocolate and were hooked. Understanding that farmers put so much of their own time and energy into growing cacao made us want to share what we learned with everyone."

soul chocolate bars lined up one behind the other

Katie and Kyle make sure to list where their chocolate is originally from so that their customers know where their money is going to, and who they are paying. "We believe we stand out due to our commitment to using transparently sourced, quality products."

As part of the Goodness Gift, we offer Soul Chocolate's Guatemala 68% Dark Chocolate Bar and Classic Drinking Chocolate. You can find both HERE.

soul chocolate bar broken into pieces

Thinking of different ways to enjoy your new chocolate goodness? You can check out some cool recipes HERE

"Our chocolate has flavour you cannot experience outside of the specialty world, and we package our bars, beautifully I may add, with home compostable pouches printed with soy ink. We look at every detail and aim to make it the best for us and for the one enjoying it."

Soul Chocolate:

Collection of different soul chocolate bars
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