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The Good Gifts Line

At Goodness Gift, our mission has always been to spread joy and positivity through our unique and heartfelt products. We began our journey with greeting cards and mugs, and over time, we've expanded our offerings to create a diverse range of products that not only bring happiness but also showcase the incredible art and talent of our clients.

Late last year when we embarked on an exciting venture of making hand-poured candles, and since then the opportunities have been endless! With each passing year, we've continued to grow and evolve, always with the aim of celebrating the creativity and skillsets of our amazing associates. This venture provides individuals with neurodiverse needs an opportunity to gain valuable employment skills while accommodating their unique needs.

image of Goodness Gift tin candle lit on book on top on blanket. Lid of candle is propped up by candle, with label of associate holding peace sign.

Our candles quickly became a beloved staple at Goodness Gift, but what makes them truly unique is the personal touch that our associates add to each one. The labels on our candles are designed by one of our Goodness Gift associates who is not only a valuable team member but also an incredibly talented artist.

We are thrilled to introduce even more exciting products to our Good Gifts Line. From beautifully designed notebooks and bookmarks to quirky, colour-changing mugs, our aim remains the same – to showcase the remarkable artwork created by our talented artists. Each product is a canvas for their creativity, and we're proud to be able to share their work with the world.

When you purchase a Goodness Gift product, you're not just buying a beautiful item; you're supporting a community of artists and individuals with diverse skills and abilities. Visit our Good Gifts Line and take home a piece of art, talent, and goodness today.

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